Empty Can Handling

Due to our success within the beverage market sector with our pet air conveyor systems & pet line upgrades we are now pleased to introduce our range of air conveyor systems for handling steel or aluminium two piece empty cans.

Lines are capable of operating at speeds from 1000 to 3000 cpm. Our system consists of a 600mm wide 3 belt vacuum infeed transfer (typically 4.6 metres long) Mass Air conveying deck converging into a single or twin out feed (typically a minimum length of 12-15 metres) – single or multi lane market leading ionised air or std water can rinsers depending on line speeds. The system is powered by compact 4.0kw fan units positioned beneath the system.

Our equipment is generally supplied with manual vented top covers in 1.2 meter lengths as standard. These can also be supplied with automatic multi height selection system as an option. The can height selection is made from the main control panel. Dust covers can be supplied as an option.

A majority of the systems we supply today incorporate a vacuum facility for Empty Can Inspection. up to 90K on a single or if 120k we will need a twin system. The ECI camera system is normally provided by others or we can advise which company to use. We now also incorporate a special can spacing unit before the ECI vacuum system. Coding before rinsing is also possible with Ink or laser.

As part of our can handling package we also provide any full can drop twists that are required. The two transfer conveyors require a difference in height of 250 – 300mm and an off set of at least 300mm. This ensures the twists are self clearing and non marking. These units are supplied with a quick change interface at both ends.

Probably ……… The Best Empty Can Handling Systems In the World
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